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Super Red Degreaser



Super Red heavy duty industrial cleaner and degreaser is a concentrate; in most applications should be diluted to use. However when used as a pre-spray, this product may be used full strength depending on severity of soil.


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Super Red Degreaser

This product is a premium, high quality, concentrated cleaner degreaser that contains an organic solvent to help dissolve grease, oil, mold, mildew, soap scum, etc. It is very effective in the car clean-up industry for the use as a white wall tire cleaner, engine cleaner , vinyl top cleaner and properly diluted with water may be used to remove heavily soiled spots from interiors. May also be used in buildings, etc. This product is also an excellent pre-spray for use on extremely difficult cleaning jobs. The corrosion inhibitors and water softeners in this product help prevent rusting of ferrous metals

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1 GAL., 1 QT.


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