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  • Maximum Strength Odor Eliminator. Not A Masking Agent, Destroys Odors At The Source
  • Fast Acting, Eliminates Odors In As Little As 4 To A Maximum Of 24 Hours
  • Works On All Chemical And Organic Odors. Safe For All Automotive And Home Interiors. Safe On Hard And Soft Materials
  • Easy To Use: Simply Clean The Area, Add Water, Then Walk Away, Non-Labor Intensive
  • Non-Toxic: Leaves No Harmful Residues, Film, VOCs Or Carcinogens
  • 100 Percent Biodegradable. Eco-Friendly Chlorine Dioxide Vapors Eliminate Odors With No Dangerous Residue
  • Stronger, Safer And Much More Effective Than Ozone Machines
  • Good For One Vehicle Of Up To 250 Cubic Foot Of Interior Space

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With Biocide Systems™ line of Bio-Shocker™ products you can eliminate the toughest odors in a way that no other product can. Maximum strength Eco-Friendly Interior odor elimination. These products exclusively use the revolutionary CIO2-DMG Technology™ that delivers the super odor eliminating power of Chlorine Dioxide, also known as CIO2. No other odor eliminator can compete with the effectiveness, ease of use and cost that the Bio-Shocker™ CIO2 Odor Eliminator products offer. Whether you are dealing with cigarette, pet, vomit, urine, rotten food, fish or even skunk and any other odor type you can think of, these products will get rid of the foul odor permanently!


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