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DURAGLOSS 101 Polish & Cleaner


Product by: Duragloss

Formulated for all painted surfaces and clear coat safe. Removes fine scratches and oxidation. UV protection formula- acid and alkali resistant. No silicone oils.

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The best paint cleaner and protectant, DURAGLOSS PC is a synthetic polymeric formula which shines and protects painted surfaces. It removes oxidized paint, fine scratches, tree sap, bugs and tar. It is formulated for ease of application and removal, yet is durable to multiple detergent washing. DURAGLOSS PC can be applied in the sun or shade. It actually gives “a gloss so deep¬† the finish appears wet”. One application protects against UV rays, acid rain, oxidation and other environmental pollutants. No other polish is easier, shines better and last longer-guaranteed.


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